A Little History
In addition to wood restoration and finishing, we have a
complete Upholstery restoration department!  We carry an
in depth selection of fabrics, vinyls, and fine leathers.  Let
us bring new life to your favorite sofa, love seat, recliner,
Maybe the condition of your furniture
isn't that bad and doesn't call for a
complete restoration.  We can
recondition the piece where we don't
fully remove the existing finish.  We
carefully clean the existing finish.  Fill
most major scratches and
imperfections.  Add a light color and
apply several coats of additional
finish.  Although some flaws will
remain, this less expensive method
will brighten the piece and add new life
to it.  Please note, some finishes are
too damaged to recondition & must be
completely restored.
About Our Company & The Services We Provide
We have been involved in the
woodworking industry since 1986,
initially furniture manufacturing.  In 1997
we recognized the need for a quality
furniture restoration business and
changed the focus of our business to
capture this market.  It has worked quite
well ever since as this is a very labor
intensive and skill specific trade that
requires a lot of experience to be
About Our Company
Additional Services
Restoring that old Victorian
home?  We can do the interior
and exterior doors, window,
millwork, etc.  Basically, if it's
wood, we can handle it.
The FinishWorks is a family owned and
operated business committed to your
complete satisfaction. A professional
furniture restoration company, we
handle any size job from stripping only for
the "do-it-yourselfer" to complete
and total restoration of large commercial
businesses. Our precision in custom color
matching and specialty
finishes will give your precious pieces just
the right look.
We can even match
the color of an existing or companion piece to
complement each other. Each
piece is delicately striped back to bare wood.
Loose joints, broken spindles,
missing veneer is repaired or replaced.
Everything is painstakingly cleaned
and old polishes, waxes and contaminants
are removed. We then stain the
piece to your preference and apply several
coats of the appropriate finish.
All hardware (ie hinges, pulls, knobs) are cleaned and restored or you can choose from
a wide line of replacement hardware.  When complete, your furniture will look just like it
did when first manufactured!  We are even available to do on-site repairs for major or
minor moving, water or fire damage.  We are dedicated to making the old look new
We can paint over most finishes completely changing the look of the piece.

Are you a do-it-yourselfer?  Some people like to take on the project of finishing their own
pieces without the huge mess and fuss of using aggressive stripping chemicals.  We can
take the piece to whatever stage you like.  We can strip the old finish only or sand and
prep it getting it ready for a stain and finish or paint.  Whatever you want, we can do.

It could be you've found the perfect piece your looking for.  The only problem, you found it at
a bare wood or unfinished furniture outlet.  A problem no more.  We'll finish it for you in the
color you desire.
To save on cost, many
manufacturers use
cheap grades of
upholstery & faux
leather which wears out
quickly and can become
worn and lifeless after
only a few short years of
We use only top
grade materials
from some of the
best mils in the
country.  Old foam
and padding is
either replaced or
brought back to
life.  In many cases,
the end result will
actually consist of
products that are
far superior to
what initially came
on the piece from
the factory!!!!!